Baltimore, Maryland
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 Baltimore, Maryland

September, 16th, 2014
Dear Editor, 
    Can’t your newspaper do something about the habit if hitchhiking? 
    On a recent car trip i counted at least 50 people standing beside the road, asking for rides. Many of them were young girls. 
    Don’t they understand how dangerous it is to get into a car driven by a stranger? What do they know about the driver’s character or ability to drive? Nothing.   
    Many of the young hitchhikers probably come from good families. Don’t their parents teach them anything about the world? I always teach my children not to talk to strangers. I never allow them to accept rides from people they didn’t know. 
    Isn’t there enough crime (犯罪) today without asking for trouble by hitchhiking? 
A Worried Grandfather
(  ) 28. The word hitchhiking” means __________________ in Paragraph One?
 A. to stand by the roadside, waiting for a bus
 B. to drive in a dangerous way   
 C. to go on a long journey by getting rides on other people’s car
 D. to get to now strangers
(  ) 29. The Worried Grandfather _______________________. 
 A. doesn’t like young girls to ask for a ride
 B. thinks it dangerous for a young girl to get into a stranger’s car
 C. doesn’t like the way some young drivers drive cars
 D. never allows his children to get into other people’s car
(  ) 30. According to the Worried Grandfather, people who often hitchhike ________. 
 A. have never received good education B. don’t know good manners
 C. will probably get into trouble D. all come from very good families
(  ) 31. The aim of the Worried Grandfather writing the letter to the editor is _______. 
 A. to tell the newspaper to warn its readers of the danger of hitchhiking
 B. to tell the family not allow their young children to talk to strangers
 C. to tell young girls never to go on a long journey alone tell young people to listen to their parents
(  ) 32. The Worried Grandfather might be a person ____________________. 
 A. who always thinks of others 
 B. who has been kidnapped (绑架) by hitchhikers
 C. who has seen much of the world and is very careful
 D. who dislikes to hitchhike