The WHO’s official total number of Ebola cases has reached 13
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 The WHO’s official total number of Ebola cases has reached 13,703 – a big jump from the10,141 cases it reported four days ago. But Dr Aylward said that was mainly the result of the data being updated with old cases, rather than new cases arising.

“Do we feel confident that the response is now getting an upper hand on the virus? Yes, we are seeing a slowing rate of new cases, very definitely,” Dr Aylward said.
However, Dr Aylward also urged people not to celebrate prematurely over any apparent downturn in the epidemic (传染病). “I’m terrified that the information will be misinterpreted and people will think Ebola is under control,” he said.
Any reduction in the battle against the virus might lead to “an oscillating(震荡的) pattern where the disease moves up and down”.
The improvement in Liberia seems to be due to a combination of more treatment facilities, better contact tracing and safer burial practices, together leading to fewer new infections from Ebola patients.
In Sierra Leone the number of cases continues to increase in some areas. “We’re still seeing this thing burning quite hot in parts of Sierra Leone,” Dr Aylward said
Tracing the progress of individual patients, the WHO estimates an overall death rate of 70 percent, though people who receive treatment in a well-equipped clinic are slightly less likely to die. The WHO plans to set up 56 Ebola clinics with 4,700 beds in West Africa. Of these 15 clinics with 1,050 beds are already operational and another 22 clinics are expected to open during November.
Meanwhile, two former NATO(北约) secretaries-general and dozens of leading European politicians have urged the alliance to send troops, aircraft and ships to west Africa to help contain the Ebola crisis.
51. In the first paragraph, “cautious optimism” probably refers to ______
A. Ebola under control thanks to WHO’s caution
B. the decline of new Ebola cases though not defeated
C. celebrations on the downturn in Ebola in Liberia
D. More treatment and relief supplies to West Africa
52. Why did Dr Aylward urge people not to celebrate prematurely?
A. Because celebrations may increases infections.
B. Because the pattern of the disease is up and down.
C. Because people may be misled to cease the battle.
D. Because we are getting an upper hand on the virus.
53. Which of the following didn’t contribute to the improvement in Liberia?
A. better contact tracing B. more treatment facilities
C. safer burial practices  D. data updated with old cases
54. According to the text, “burning quite hot” means ______ .
A. very severe B. extremely hot  C. on fire  D. well received
51-54 BCDA
    埃博拉病例世界卫生组织的官员总人数已达13703 - 从the10,141情况下,大的跳跃就报道四天前。但艾尔沃德医生说,主要是数据的结果被更新旧例,而不是产生新病例。
    然而,艾尔沃德博士也呼吁市民不要过早地庆祝过疫情(传染病)任何明显的下滑。 “我吓坏了,该信息将被曲解,人们会认为埃博拉病毒已受到控制,”他说。
    在塞拉利昂病例数持续增加,部分地区。 “我们仍然看到这个东西燃烧非常热在塞拉利昂的部分,”艾尔沃德博士说: