It was my seventh year teaching first grade
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  It was my seventh year teaching first grade. 

    One mid-March day, the kids were at break between classes, in expectation of the coming carnival at noon when something terrible happened, on a child’s level  31  — someone stole the Twinkie out of Abby’s desk.
    Irritated, I stopped all morning work,  32  its return. 
    No Twinkie appeared.
    Five hours passed, but the class still sat with their heads down, listening to me  33  on the importance of honesty and being  34  for one’s own mistakes.
    I was really sweating it out. Was I  35 ? No, my heart told me. All we needed was the  36 .
    My afternoon aide arrived. A mother of four, she  37  to take the kids one by one into the hall for questioning. 
    When the time came for  38  to be questioned, it was over within a minute. He came back into the classroom, tears filling his eyes, hands shaking, hanging onto the doorway  39  he’d collapse if he let go. He took deep breaths, trying not to cry. “I took the Twinkie. I’m sorry,” he said in a small voice. Then he covered his face with his hands in  40 .
    I was livid(脸色铁青). We had been lied to for more than five hours, with nothing  41 . Something must be done, so let the ones who  42  throw the first stone. “Does anyone have anything to say to Peter?” I asked.
    There was  43  for at least a minute. Perhaps the kids were measuring their words…
    Then, one little girl  44  her hand. She stood straight and said in a strong voice, “We  45  you, Peter.”
    The words  46  through our heads. Forgiveness... one of the last things Jesus taught us as he was dying on the  47 . Forgiveness.
    Suddenly, all twenty-eight kids raced to Peter and  48  him with hugs and pats on his back, cheers, and laughter. It was like the prodigal son had returned home.
    I learned that day how forgiveness heals. How good it feels to say, “I forgive you,” and how 49  it is to hear that you are forgiven.
    And the Twinkie? Abby never did eat it. She gave it back to Peter with a  50  hug and smile.
31. A. at length B. at all C. at least D. at most
32. A. marking B. demanding C. greeting D. announcing
33. A. lecture B. quarrel C. debate D. act
34. A. cautious B. responsible C. grateful D. regretful
35. A. overloading B. overreacting C. overlooking D. overcoming
36. A. evidence B. truth C. faith D. trust
37. A. volunteered B. attempted C. failed D. pretended
38. A. Abby B. me C. Peter D. herself
39. A. even though B. as if C. as long as D. in that
40. A. disguise B. shame C. sympathy D. place
41. A. left B. undone C. accomplished D. planned
42. A. suffered B. helped C. won D. promised
43. A. discussion B. laughter C. silence D. disagreement
44. A. waved B. shook C. extended D. raised
45. A. love B. forgive C. warn D. hate
46. A. echoed B. flashed C. boomed D. faded
47. A. scene B. base C. cross D. air
48. A. greeted B. met C. surrounded D. saluted
49. A. rewarding B. relieving C. worrying D. frustrating
50. A. broad B. sunny C. quick D. warm
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